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11月27日(月) 13:45-15:15





At the end of November, a world conference, which is called World Bosai Forum /International Disaster Risk Conference 2017 in Sendai, will be held in Sendai City for the first time. This forum is being led mainly by International Research Institute of Disaster Science, Tohoku University.
You can contact HP(URL:http://www.worldbosaiforum.com/).

Thanks to the support by IRIDeS, we got an excellent opportunity to report our volunteer activities at affected areas by the Great East Japan Earthquake for the world, making the most of a 90-minutes session in English. Please check the following overview.

Our Session Title is …
Tracks and scenarios of student-driven volunteer activities: focusing on young powers embedded in long-term reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake

Our Session Proposal is …
Student-centered volunteer activities have been very flexible and active toward the reconstruction of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. From the viewpoint of students’ practices, this session run by some students on reconstruction assistance / volunteer organizations aims 
 1. to draw tracks of their activities,
 2. to discover intimate connections between these tracks,
 3. to derive the role, function, future challenges and scenarios of these practices based on young powers from 1 and 2,
 4. to share all of them with conference participants to broaden their perspectives.

You can confirm the list of sessions in Japanese, including our session No.37.

In addition to what I mentioned above, the session will take into consideration the inquiry of what works for the organizational sustainability and the characteristic Japanese minds such as selflessness, awareness (kizuki), the appearance of modesty (kenkyo) and so forth, as well as the report of what we worked on so far.

You need to pay the registration fee. But, some sessions are open to public for free.
The way of the online registration is shown WBF’s HP.